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IDTA Freestyle Dance


Expressive and exciting, this well established dance style involves learning a variety of steps and movements in addition to leaps, runs, spins, kicks and turns. Routines can be fast and high energy or slow and emotive using current music trends.

Flexibility, stamina and floor craft are also included in our lessons and IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) exams are offered.

One of our most popular classes!

(Photograph:  Instructor Mil throwback!)




Our Drama classes are ideal for students looking to develop their stage skills and build confidence. Lessons include improvisation skills, characterisation analysis, script work and speech techniques with the emphasis firmly on fun. There is also the option to take IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) acting awards!

Explore imagination, boost self-esteem and enhance reading and writing.

(Photograph:  Students Katie, Jack & Ellie)

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IDTA Acro Dance

 Acrodance is a combination of gymnastics, jazz and ballet focusing on the following five divisions:







The class teaches how to safely execute acrobatic dance movements such as cartwheels, bridges and walkovers in dynamic dance routines.  Acro Dance promotes strength, flexibility and fluidity of movement whilst enhancing a dancers skill set with impressive tricks and tumbles!

(Photograph: Students Elodie & Lola)

IDTA Musical Theatre

An exciting fusion of modern music and dance styles, this class incorporates plenty of dancing, acting and singing and aims to build the 3 core theatrical skills often referred to as 'triple threat'.


IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) exams are offered to everyone; the spotlight's on you!

(Photograph: Student Imogen)

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Contemporary Dance

Highly regarded in the dance world, this popular and expressive dance style combines elements of ballet and modern jazz and is ideal for 'dramatic dancers'. 


Using storytelling within, this bold and beautiful style encourages emotional depth and powerful performance from the dancer.  IDTA exams are available.


(Photograph:  Show 2023) 

Street/Commercial Dance

 Street/Commercial dance is a highly popular, current dance style.  It has evolved from urban genres such as hip hop giving it a raw and dynamic expression.


Build your skills , develop your technique and have lots of fun in this class for boys and girls aged 7 upwards  (classes are taught in separate age groups). 

(Photograph: Student Ella)

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Vocal Coaching

Star-Struck Performing Arts Academy offers exceptional singing tuition for those students wishing to improve their voice.  Classes are small but results are big with training in pop and musical theatre styles.  

(Photograph: Student Beula)

Team Triple Threat
Musical Theatre Professional Performance Team

For over 10 years we have showcased performers at top venues including Her Majesty's Theatre.  Our professional musical theatre show team is ideal for students looking to take their skills and career to a new level.


Performers train weekly in preparation for a West End performance every year. 

We are always looking for new talent to join our team; get in touch now to find out how!

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Private Dance Coaching

Our popular 1:1 training gives students the opportunity to:

*Compete as a solo dancer at competitions

*Work on IDTA dance exam material

*Build a more diverse range of styles

*Enhance technique, strength, stamina and flexibility

*Support GCSE dance syllabi / work on audition preparation for higher education

*Gain confidence with personal training



  Call us today for more information OR to book your slot!

(Photograph: Student Alex)

Strength and Flexibility

 This technique class teaches dancers how to stretch effectively and improve flexibility, strength and stamina in order to achieve better results in their dance classes.  


 Exercises aim to increase range of motion and build muscular strength, enhancing speed and power in high energy routines.   Building strength also improves grace and posture in adagio movements (slow and controlled).  

This is a technique only class and students who do not perform in our show.

(Photograph:  Instructor Mil - throwback!)

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Junior Comp team Saxo.jpg

Competitive Dance Teams

Our fun and friendly  'Competitive Dance Teams' train every week and learn a variety of styles.  Routines are showcased  to a panel of judges at local competitions and festivals and we are always on the lookout for new faces!  Juniors are open to dancers 8-11years old and the Senior Team  open to students  in Year 7 upwards.  Call Principal Katie for more information.

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