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What to wear in class

Students should wear items that are easy to move in together with suitable footwear.  If not in uniform, we request students wear items in our school colours of red, grey, black and white.  (If taking IDTA examinations, uniform and costume will be applicable depending on genre).  Please see the list of footwear below which relates to our classes:


Classes and corresponding footwear

  • Freestyle Dance - bare foot

  • Acro Dance - bare foot 

  • Contemporary/Modern Jazz Dance - bare foot/grip socks/jazz shoes

  • Street Dance and Drama- clean trainers or jazz trainers/sneakers

  • Musical Theatre - Jazz shoes (lace/slip on)


We offer a diverse range of dancewear that can be personalised.  Items are available for purchase through our online shop including t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, tracksuit trousers and leotards that can be worn in all classes. 

Our Principal says ... 

"Uniform creates a sense of community and belonging in the Star-Struck studios. Feeling part of a team creates a sense of pride and is a wonderful way for our students to strive to be the best performers they can be"

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