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We value our students opinions and are always hear to listen.

"Star-Struck has helped me develop lots of new skills and gain loads of confidence in  dance, performing, vocals and acting." 


"For as long as I've been at Star-Struck I have been welcomed into an amazing community where I am able to improve my confidence and progress my technique."   


"When I'm at Star-Struck I always feel welcome, it has helped improve my confidence and ability in dance and performing.  I always look forward to the classes."


"Star-Struck has developed my confidence and I have made many new friends.  I always have fun in the classes."


"I come to Star-Struck so that I can continue to perform and keep developing my technique.  It's one big family and I love meeting new people."  


"Star-Struck helps you progress in performing and builds up your confidence in dance, drama and singing.  I'm really happy to be a student as Star-Struck."


"I love Star-Struck because its engaging and the classes and  performances are always fun."  


 "I have made amazing friends who always encourage me and put a smile on my face.  My performance skills, dance technique and flexibility have massively improved with the help and support of my teachers". 


"Star-Struck is the most amazing place to learn how to be a triple threat performer.  The teachers are incredibly kind, supportive and dedicated to teaching us.  I have made a number of friendships that I know will last forever.  We get so many wonderful opportunities including exams, shows, competitions and workshops with industry professionals.  It's so much more than a stage school!"  


"I always look forward to my classes.  I love learning new routines and working on new skills." 


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