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At SSPA we take all feedback very seriously and value our students opinions. 

"Star-Struck has helped me develop lots of new skills and gain loads of confidence in not just dance but also my performing, vocals and acting." 


"For as long as I've been at Star-Struck I have been welcomed into an amazing community where I am able to improve my confidence and progress my technique."   


"When I'm at Star-Struck I always feel welcome, it has helped improve my confidence and ability in dance and performing.  I always look forward to the classes".


"Star-Struck has developed my confidence and I have made many new friends.  I always have fun in the classes."


"I come to Star-Struck so that I can continue to perform and keep developing my technique.  Its also one bug family and I love meeting new people that come."  


"Star-Struck is the most amazing place to learn how to be a triple threat performer.  The teachers are incredibly kind, supportive and dedicated to teaching us.  I have made a number of friendships at
Star-Struck that I know will last forever.  At StarStruck we get so many wonderful opportunities such as exams, shows and workshops with industry professionals.  It's so much more than a stage school!"  


"Star-Struck helps you progress in performing and builds up your confidence in dance, drama and singing.  I'm really happy to be a student as StarStruck."


"I love Star-Struck because its engaging and the classes and  performances are always fun."  


"I always look forward to my classes.  I love learning new routines and working on new skills." 


"With an eager passion for the arts I joined Star-Struck at a young age, over the years I joined many classes such as: Drama, Saturday Showstoppers, IDTA Musical Theatre exam classes, IDTA Freestyle Dance and the Musical Theatre show team.  I have hugely improved my confidence in not only performing but speaking publicly and have made amazing friends who always encourage me and put a smile on my face  - in addition to that my performance skills, dance technique and flexibility have massively improved with the help and support of my teachers". 


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